Great Catch up with my friends ! It’s seldom a morning thing for me to travel to CBD area on a Sunday morning. However, after my trip to lolla, I think I will explore here more for weekend brunches.

For a pax of two, We ordered the following for a care-to-share :-

1. Mimosa cocktail


In celebration of Lolla’s 4th anniversary, Mimosa cocktails are going at SGD4 ( usual price SGD19) ! It’s a mix of fresh orange juice and crisp champagne. Sweet and refreshing pairing with our brunch !

2. Sea Urchin Pudding


Alright, we don’t like this . no no no ~

The pudding is made of squid ink , which apparently does not taste that good to really got you scooping one spoon after another till you empty the bowl. It has a starchy gluey taste, and has a raw seafood smell.

Aside from the bad, the sea urchin was assuredly fresh and slurpy .

3. Bacon Steaks



Starter was bad enough . But here comes something enlightening us !

Bacon steaks very proportionately pan fried , with equalized portion of fats and meats. It has a light crisp texture , yet the burnt level doesn’t take away the creaminess of the fats. Topped with green peas for a balanced dietary.

We love this totally , and decided to divide the final 3rd piece into half so that both of us get to share the equal amount of satisfaction. After tasting the goodness of this meat, we suggested Lolla that they could have served equally four piece instead of three for a sharing of two. SO WHERE’S OUR 4TH PIECE  !!!!!  hahas, we just don’t mind to dump more fats into our tummy having such yummy steaks.

4. Crab Lasagna



This … I would not say it’s bad , but neither does it get our tummy yearning. Crab meat shreds contains some chilli powder species ( close to laksa) , while the cream and butter is of medium-high richness level.

Not a  fan of cream food, but this is one selection you can order if you are into creams.

5. Spanish Tortilla


And our last dish … Spanish tortilla ! This is our 2nd love for brunch today , 1st love going to the bacon steaks.

Served on warm hot plate. Evenly battered and well pan fried Omelette with potato cubes stuffed inside. Topped with slices of fresh chewy sea eel meat , and we love how firm and chewy each big cubes of sea eel is !

Instead of  egg benedicts / sunny eggs/ poached eggs , this is  a wise try for an “unlike the usual brunch” style.




FOOD: Great food for brunch . Definitely giving my vote  for Lolla.

Service: Friendly and cautious serving to reach diners needs.

Ambience: Well facilitated , neat and simple shop decoration, light music background, quiet weekend brunch, suitable for small groups and dates.

Food Tasting:3,8 /5
Decoration: 3.5 /5
Ambience: 3.8 /5



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