One Michelin : Shinji By Kanesaka

The first time i visited Shinji at Raffles Hotel, clumsily and not knowing the Chef right in front finely serving me is the Master head chef. He looked stern and serious in his job , but sadly i was having an abrupt tummyache which called a halt to more sushi.

Second time i visited Shinji at St Regis Hotel for dinner, It was an impromptu one , just awhile after their michelin award.

This time, a year later , i’m back once more ! I would say , probably not the best sushi i’d ever tried , but their consistency in serving that same kind of sushi and dishes is what deserving some bonus points.

I was here this time just for their 15-piece sushi lunch meals , which consisted the following:-


Marinated Ootoro w Green Chives


hahahaha the funny thing is i was just happened to be craving for ootoro and thats why this visit is made . And it’s like Chef knows exactly how to get my appetite started.

Every Fine bites of this creamy oily tuna belly is so fresh . Wanted second plate but did not , it’s only the starter.



Sequence is by downwards direction in the first column , followed by the top first pic in the second column .

  1. Kanpachi ( Amberjack)
  2. Kinmedai (Splendid Alfonsino)
  3. Hamachi (Yellowtail tuna)
  4. Tai (Red Snapper) , light seared on its skin
  5. Nodoguro (Sea Perch)
  6. Chutoro (Medium fat tuna)
  7. Ootoro (Fat tuna belly)
  8. Sayori (Needlefish)
  9. Ani (Horse Mackerel)
  10. Sawara (Spanish Mackerel)
  11. Murasaki Uni ( Long spike sea urchin)
  12. Aka-uni (Short spike red urchin)
  13. Akamai (Arkshell clam)
  14. Ebi (Prawn)
  15. Unagi (Sea Eel)

And my picks outta this ocean : Red Snapper, Sayori , Mackerel and Aka-uni !

Of course, i love the others served too , but just not my top most favourites.



Not the most nicely rolled sushi i came across, but the ingredients wrapped is an addiction. Minced tuna with some light bits of mashed garlic . Adding some ginger as you eat each sushi , it’s a perfect combination !





That light sourness !!! It’s always my fav flavour ice cream in Jap restaurants.

I probably will recommend other nap restaurants , if one is looking for quality . But for its freshness consistency , yes , Shinji here it is .


FOOD : Freshness assured for their meat served . 

SERVICE : Each sushi is well explained , and carefully served of the sushi palette one by one, to make sure it’s neatly in shape.

AMBIENCE : Counter seats available. Cool for both small groups, couples or business clients.

Food Tasting: 3.5 /5
Decoration: 3.5 /5
Ambience: 4 /5

ADDRESS: 29 Tanglin Rd, The St. Regis Singapore, Singapore 247911



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