It’s another time of the year ! Instead of the traditional lou hey at regular chinese restaurants , we decided to save the hassle of making reservations early , and dine in a jar restaurant instead . After all , most importantly it’s getting together and interact once again ūüôā

This year Tamashi featured their truffle yusheng with salmon and yellowtail white fishes.


Every slices of salmon and yellowtail fish is finely thinly cut . I love how neatly this treasure pallette is served . At the very moment truffle sauce is poured , the aroma rose wildly up in the air !

Besides Yusheng, some side dishes we ordered :-

a) Grilled puffer fish


This grilled puffer fish taste lk bak gula ! dipping with its mayonnaise sauce , just a perfect blend !

b) Grilled green pepper


One starter/ ala carte that i always like ordering in nap restaurants – Green pepper . With some sprinkle of chilli powder , it has a slightly spicy and salty taste .

c) Truffle Chawanmushi


Ok, truffles once again ! Warm and comfortable side dish.

d) Grilled Pork Belly


Oh tell me who don’t love pork belly ! Yes all time favourite , but its the level of grilling and taste that put a difference to what’s good and bad. Here at Tamashi , it’s evenly grilled and every bite is tender fresh . Just dip slightly with salt and pepper powder ¬†and some lemon drips served by the side plate , it’s yummalicious !



Of Course , we ended with the final sweetest note . It was a good choice with this grilled foie gras . Soft and creamy it is , together with that runny yolk of the onsen eggs and some saltiness from that crispy sakura ebi shrimps. This plate is wiped out the fastest among all other side dishes !

Of course, i will recommend this place definitely !

FOOD : Grilled dishes mainly . So if you likes grilled dish at its most freshness , here it is ! of course, price to pay for quality. 

SERVICE : Friendly services around anytime to attend to our needs. not much long waiting time and food served pretty swiftly.

AMBIENCE : Counter seatings or table seatings, quiet dining or for soft chattering session with your buddies.  

Food Tasting: 4 /5
Decoration: 3.5 /5
Ambience: 4 /5


12 North Canal Rd #02-01, Singapore 048825 (Do take note to take lift up to level 2, you may ask for direction assistance from the bar at level 1)


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