Actually I did some research before arriving Fynn’s café . I was craving for some comfy brunch with poached eggs but I would like it to be served in more Asian style.





Abit over sugared , but I guess most cafes served around the same . I love the milk blended in this warm chco that’s absolutely warming for my tummy for a peaceful morning .





Yes ! this is the dish that i’d researched and found myself liking it . after tasting it , I LOVE it.

Beside the usual bacons and eggs that’s my all time classic fav , I would like to special mention the corn fritters ! Very evenly fried , not over cooked yet crispy . The taste of these corn fritters reminds me of Chinese fried Shrimp fritters which we usually can find it selling either at coffee shops or dim sum stalls.

You may think the spinach will be very oily ? but no ! it’s boiled with light oil and  dipping some yolk sauce , it’s nothing but the best combination !




This reminds me of Ferraro Roche !

Featuring Custard Mille-Feullie , with mixed berries and hazelnuts toppings.

At first I thought this pastry is stuffed with some ingredients. But it’s ko-song ! ok not that it’s bad that it’s ko-song. but I’m impressed with the crispness and how brittle it is . even when I tried picked it up with hands, it just break into tiny bits . Some table mess but its delicious.

Mixing with some spread of sour cream and fruits , harmoniously with that chocolate spread tasted like Ferrero Roche ! I didn’t check it out what exactly it contains . But just a wild guess , maybe it’s really molten Ferrero Roche ? Because the choc taste so smooth with fine small choc bits and nuts, filling my mouth with happiness !

This weekend brunch is simple yet satisfying and rewarding for myself. I will return for more brunches or even to try out its dinner menu .


FOOD : Yes I love the brunch menu with a range for me to select from. I’ve yet to try the dinner , and will update on that soon .

SERVICE : Friendly services . Assistants all around. I was by myself , so reservation is not required. But for two and more , I do think reservation is a must . Because on this weekend that I went, all seats are reserved already.

AMBIENCE : For photo taking , yes not bad surroundings ! Very well designed , neatly facilitated.

Food Tasting: 4 /5
Decoration: 4  /5
Ambience: 3.5 /5




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