I have read up much about this restaurant , knowing the head chef is a former chef from Waku Ghin and many photos taken about their wagyu and sea urchins . The unique thing that caught many attention is their way of using direct heat from fired charcoal to cook their dishes.

Being a non beef consumer, I only have one omakse menu set to choose from .

1. Starter


starting off with some warming Tai Sea bream fish soup and I absolutely love the richness that got me drinking it fast.

2. Assorted sashimi


I was told to consume this fresh gem by picking the first pieces from the left and sequently to the right. Reason being the sea bream being the lightest taste , followed by sea perch wrapped with sea urchins with a creamy freshwater taste , followed by some slightly seared kinmedai in the middle , and lastly fatty tuna ootoro being the creamiest of this palette.

Very generous large piece of finely sliced ootoro being served here and I absolutely love it. Kinmedai is not very often served in most jap restaurant and here at Kisho , it’s slightly seared on its skin , but yet able to taste its freshness at 100%.

3.Signature Dish


This is one of Kisho’s signature dish and I was told to consume it as a wrap ! Guess nobody ( or maybe just me ? hahaha) will know that this wasabi leaf can be consume raw like this at first sight when this dish is served.

Red sea urchins given in a full load , dressed with rice vinegar jelly and topped with fresh caviars , further decorated with some edible petals and green peas.

Amazingly , this dish when eaten as a wrap with the wasabi leaf , it’s like eating sashimi with you manually adding wasabi on top of your sashimi and consumed it . Just one difference is that the leaf will give you the aroma of wasabi without you choking by the overload of wasabi.

4. Seasonal Dish


Alright , some divine experience into the fresh ocean now .

Featuring Kisho’s treasure box , with fish semen , ” transparent ikan bilis” , and firefly squids.

Fish semen – I never had try this before and always thought it will have a terrible mashed taste like pig’s brain cooke din the Chinese Asian style. But HEY ! this doesn’t taste lk what i’d imagined ! Soft and succulent that you can just drink it downthraot smoothly . Together with some pickles , to get rid of the raw smell for those who are uncomfortable with it.

“Transparent ikan bilis” – ok this is NOT the exact correct name but just my creation . hahaha ! I wasn’t able to catch what the chef named this fish , so I will just describe how this taste like. Jelly soft yet slight crisp tasting, just like watery ikan bilis. No raw smells too , freshly assured .

Firefly squid – So far the places I have been served this and liked it , is Murasaki and Akashi . Here at Kisho , sadly not to my favor because the sweet sauce does not match my taste buds, and there’s a smell of the seawater ( or perhaps just me not used to the chill rawness).



Supposed to have 7 nigiri sushi but I reduced it to only 5 due to my small appetite that night.

Best presentation – Ebi botan prawns topped with tiny caviars . The only other places I got same presentation is at Ashino , Chijmes. Fresh ebi prawns , so soft so succulent ! Just swallow in one mouth !

Best tasting – Kinmedai Red Snapper . It’s slightly seared with direct heat froma piece of heated charcoal and Chef will demonstrate how he seared the skin in front of you. It’s just a tap or two on its skin , so wholly the raw freshness is still exist.

Best Effort – Chutoro Medium tuna belly. Best effort ? the fine intercuts between the meat deserves a clap . This piece could have just been served as a whole without any decoration inter-cuttings. I appreciate the simple cutlery skills here.

6. Chawanmushi


Looks simple yea ? Just some crab meat and steamed eggs . Oh well, this cram bits are from seasonal Hokkaido hairy crabs , that makes this bowl a premium special one. And I like the sequence of serving this after much sashimis and sushi. This chawanmushi helps to warm my tummy after all the cold.

7. Desserts


I really really really love these kuehs and sweet treats . Especially the middle one , matcha kueh topped with some peanut powder ! It reminds me of the nonya style Coconut Pandanus Custard Glutinous Rice Cake  or Kueh Salatin in malay.

At the right is black sesame mocha , while at the left is moonaka with vanilla ice cream.

Pleasingly I love the desserts best of all !


FOOD : Freshness assured definitely for the price paid. But for the cost paid , I can find an even better restaurant to suit my taste bud more at a lower budget of course. Will I be back ? oh well , probably once in a blue blue moon.

SERVICE : Friendly services . Assistants all around. Chinese and Japanese speaking waiters and waitresses.

AMBIENCE : Quiet dining , neat facilitated. .

Food Tasting: 3.5 /5
Decoration: 3.5  /5
Ambience: 3.5 /5




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