So here’s the legendary wah khee prawn noodles which is known by many locals.

Well, most say it’s yummy with rich broth but here comes my opinion after tasting it .

NOODLES – stringy , well mixed noodles with pork lards and seasoning sauce. Each strand is stringy and doesn’t taste over-boiled / soggy. Thumbs up for the noodles.

PRAWN SOUP – it’s pure seafood soup. that’s disappointing. Why isn’t there pork ribs bones added to sweeten the broth even more ? “Prawn soup without pork bones is equivalent to no prawn soup for me. “Nevertheless, the tenderness of the prawns are just the right level , nothing hard and overcooked , Freshness on its point.

Will I be back again ? nay , unless I really hungry and craving for prawn mee.



FOOD : As I explained, it’s really depend on one’s preference of the soup. While for me , I feel that pork bone missing is pretty upsetting.

SERVICE : Friendly service and not long awaiting time , I was asked for feedbacks on the food for improvement.

AMBIENCE : Spacious seatings at the Esplanade outlet.

Food Tasting: 2.5 /5
Decoration: 2.5 /5
Ambience: 3 /5



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